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Stand Up Paddleboarding, commonly referred to as SUP, is the fastest growing sport in the world and it's about time you became a part of it!  Stop watching life and start living it and let us help you learn how to stand up paddle on calm, serene, flat lakes.  Your instructors are certified to teach you in the safest and easiest way possible.  Those who claim to have no balance at all have done fabulous and so can you!  We are eager to share our knowledge with you of this fun, versatile and low-impact activity.


The main reason is that SUP is versatile and suits the needs of all ages, fitness levels and intensities.  You may want to continue stand up paddleboarding for the following reasons:

~ Meditation and serenity in nature.
~ It's a low-impact activity, but you can do leisurely exercise or high-intensity training.
~ It's an amazing core workout.
~ Social activity among friends or soon-to-be friends.
~ Fun for the entire family.
~ Safe (if you follow the simple guidelines we will teach you)
~ Competitive racing or surfing.
~ It's not strenuous, even though you are getting fit while doing it.


* My balance is horrible!  I don't think I can do that.  
You would be surprised!  Actually, those with no balance skills at all have taken to it easily and did not fall off once even in the choppy ocean.  We will start you off on your knees and on calm lake waters.  

*What should I wear?
Wear anything that dries quickly if it becomes wet.  Cotton is not recommended.  Clothing with polyester, nylon, WickTech, spandex, etc. are great.  They move easily and dry quickly.  Bare feet are fine, but you may consider water shoes if you don't want to touch the ground in the lake bed or rocky ocean or for fear of sharp objects or slimy mud.  Instructors do not wear water shoes unless they are surfing in extremely rocky areas or need them for cold water.

*What is the age restriction?
Basically anyone who feels comfortable swimming can do stand up paddle boarding.  For anyone under 8 or over 80 year's old requires one private lesson (one on one) for their first time.

*Is stand up paddleboarding suitable for someone mentally challenged?
Stand up paddleboarding is excellent for anyone who feels comfortable in the water!  At the moment, we are in close contact with organizations in Florida who are working towards getting the first ever SUP team for the Special Olympics.  This is very exciting for us in the SUP world.  Please call to discuss if you would like your organization to be involved.  Currently we are contemplating becoming certified to instruct for the Special Olympics.

*What if I don't know how to swim?
Call us and we will cater to your needs in under waist-deep water in a private lesson.

*Do you do birthday parties?
Yes and we can cater to your needs and travel to your location.  Be aware that wind is a strong factor in paddle boarding, so the party will be postponed if winds and weather are bad.
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